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„In the past, at company Špica, we were searching for databases of potential customers and partners through two different channels; searching for the contacts one by one on the Internet, or we tried to obtain them directly from the database providers. Both technics were time-consuming and often uncertain. Since we started using, we know that if we detect a potential market, for example Germany, within an hour we will have a nice base, through which we will attempt to contact potential customers. Their databases contain everything that is important to us - contact person, position of the person in the company, company size, industry, country, and of course the most important email. is a reliable service, but if there is ever anything wrong, their customer support will respond even at ten o’clock on Saturday night.“

- Marija Jakopin, Head of marketing, Špica International d.o.o.

The challenge

Špica has one of the most advanced processes in marketing to launch products of own production and other uses through several different marketing channels. To reach potential customers it is crucial to obtain a base of contacts. Through the call center statistics and mailings they became increasingly aware of the fact that segmented contact information is inevitable for their further marketing, since most databases came from public records character "info@". Acquiring contacts through the call center was time- and cost-consuming, so they started the search for appropriate solution. Logo

Key benefits:

  1. No more manual searching for business contacts.
  2. No more buying low quality business leads database.
  3. No more outsourcing of the search for business contacts.
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The solution

Špica is of course not the only company facing such challenges. Years ago SmartPA also spent a lot of time searching for contacts and then one day they got the idea to automate the search. For that purpose they developed search engine that allows fast searching of contacts in more than 100 countries, according to industry and position of the person in the company. The information which the companies can immediately use in their marketing and sales process. In addition to the standard excel export, offers direct data import in CRM tools, as well as email marketing tools, such as MailChimp.

What did Špica gain by service?

As there is no modern marketing without segmentation, Špica plans and systematically attacks the individual market segments. They use daily for the production of contacts in various industries and countries. Since is a web application, it allows them to use it anytime anywhere. Contact search is quick and accessible via all devices, including mobile phones and tablets, which is crucial for a company whose core business is the optimization of enterprise process. So Špica no longer has to search for contact database providers, negotiate with them and check the quality of the databases, knowing that they have always at hand. The time, which was previously used for contact search via the call center or browsing the Internet, they now spend on talking to their customers, which is time and money much better spent.

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