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Do you have enough people in your sales department? Are you running out of time to search for new clients?

Leave that job to us.

Become Premium member and order custom databases of business contacts over the phone or email. You will receive your databases directly into your inbox.

Who is custom database service for?

Are you going to a business fair and require exhibitor list? Do you need a base of automechanics in Germany or maybe window manufacturers in Poland? In this cases, custom search is just the thing for you.

We will never charge you for individual contact information, but will always deliver all the information that we find for a fixed price.

What kind of information do I get in a custom database?

With custom databases, we deliver all publicly available information available, about the person and the company they work for.

The information usually includes:

  • Company name, address and website
  • Company e-mail, phone and fax number
  • Other custom ordered data

Amount and quality of the information may vary, depending on the publicly available web sources.

How does it work?

According to your inquiry, our experts find publicly available data sources on the Internet, like web portals, business directories, company and fair web pages and similar, for which we develop custom build web crawlers. Web crawlers are special programs that crawl web pages and gather information from them. This information is than reviewed, cleaned and sometimes complemented by hand.

This is the ways we make sure, that the business information you get is always fresh and the best quality.


In what format do I get the data?

Databases of business contacts are delivered directly to your mailbox in the form of MS Excel file.

Do you charge for each individual contact?

We at charge data for each individual company, so you only pay for the data about as many companies we can find based on search criteria.


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