End-user License Agreement

Terms used in this document:

Service provider means SmartPA Ltd. as a provider of the service Datafy.it. User is the natural or legal person who has successfully registered on our website in order to get access for the use of our services. Web User is anyone who uses the internet, regardless of whether he is the user of our service or not.

The Datafy.it user agrees with the content of this agreement by completing the registration and by using the service.

Datafy.it Service is a search engine that allows the user to search for new business contacts amongst publicly available information. Public information means any information that web users themselves publish on their website, various social networks, etc. and also agree that the information is visible to the public. Social networks warn that the data posted on a profile not marked private can be indexed and displayed through various search engines.

The Service provider is not responsible for the content posted on these publicly accessible web pages or profiles, or for displayed search results, as this content is in the absolute discretion of the person than posted the information on the web and making them publicly available. The service provider is not liable for the information transmitted, because it acts only as an intermediary of data and does not initiate the transmission of data, does not select the addressee of the data and does not select or modify the contents of the data.

The Service provider, regarding the acquisition and transmission of information in electronic form, is in compliance with all relevant regulations in Slovenia. When ensuring the safety of the information systems and transmission of information in electronic form, the Service provider acts with due diligence.

The service provider only allows access to public information and is not responsible for the activities carried out by the User later on, with the information obtained via the Datafy.it service. For all these activities the responsibility lies with the User of the service itself and must familiarise himself with the permitted use of such data.

The user expressly declares that he understands and agrees that the service provider shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses which would result from the use or inability to use the Datafy.it service, accuracy of information, unauthorised access to data, transfer or modification of the data. Those limits apply to the fullest extent permitted by relevant law and regulations. The User also declares that he is aware of the fact that the current version of the service in its beta stage and that he will get in touch with the service provider who will take care of potential malfunctions as soon as possible.

Nothing in this document is intended to exclude or limit any warranty, right or liability which by law can not be excluded or limited, as for example liability for loss or damage caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct.