Your professional salesman, you do not have to employ

Not enough time, not enough sales people?

Prospecting service is intended for companies that do not have enough people in sales department and not enough time to search for new clients and open new markets.

We perform a set of pre-sales activity to qualify the lead interest for you; only thing you have to do is close the sale. iskalnik poslovnih kontaktov

What we do for you?


Aligning the strategy

For successful client search process, we require as much information about your company and products/services as possible. Our key account manager will meet with you and interview you on your goals, target markets and decision makers.


Gathering PR and marketing materials

Our key account manager will ask you on the meeting for as much marketing material as you have, so that we can learn about your product/service and use it in a template of your presentation.


Preparing database of business contacts

You can send us your database of business contacts that you want us to use, or we can prepare a fresh database of business contacts for you, according to your specification.


Creating tactical approach to present your products and services

When we gather all required information, materials and the discussion with you, we prepare a professional sales pitch that will be used in emails and calls.


Product/service presentation training

Before we start the search for your potential customers, we go with you through the pitch and check if we understood your message well and if there is something you would like to add or correct.


Creating e-mail marketing campaign

We prepare a professional e-mail marketing campaign, with which we will address your potential customers.


Creating call script scenarios

We prepare a professional call script, with which we will address your potential customers after the e-mail marketing campaign.


Sending out your e-mail marketing campaign

We perform an A/B testing of your e-mail marketing campaign subject and then send out the rest of the emails. After 24 hours we have the report in which we identify the potential customers that showed interested in your product/service.


Presenting your product/service over the phone (telemarketing)

We contact your potential customers over the phone and identify their interest for your product/service and willingness to meet with you.


24/7 MONITORING – a real time access to all sales and marketing activities

You can follow all our marketing and sales activities live in our CRM tool. Wherever, whenever, 24/7.


Pilot phase*

Process of research and market testing
(database, mailing, call script, test calls)

Up to 3 bookings

Time frame up to 1 month

No reimbursement

Contact us for an offer

Booking phase

Booking meetings

No. of bookings by agreement

Time frame depends on no. of bookings

Money back guarantee in case of no booking

Contact us for an offer

* Pilot phase is a prerequisite for Booking phase.

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