We want YOU on our team!

If you need new challenge, Datafy.it might be what you're looking for!

Datafy.it is a business contacts search engine. We help businesses find people at other businesses, to market, sell or just say "Hi!". In one hour, Datafy.it delivers publicly available information about the person and the company they work for. All the information can be exported to your marketing automation tool or CRM system, boosting your sales and marketing team's performance.

Above everything else, Datafy.it is the people who create it. We are lucky to have a team of smart, dedicated and driven professionals in all departments, from engineering and data science to sales and management. The company atmosphere is open, friendly and sometimes too relaxed. Beer nights are on regular agenda, our pantry always full of coffee, tea, sweets and fruit. Nerf wars non-negotiable as well as exciting team buildings (adrenaline parks, kayaking or a friendly BBQ).

In the light of a recent investment we are growing. Fast. If you think you would fit into our team go ahead an apply to any of the open positions.

Open positions

Senior Back-end Engineer

Keywords: python, django, bigdata, drf, distributed systems, docker

Salary range: 1.500 - 3.000 EUR (depending on the experience)

Front-end Engineer

Keywords: emberjs, angularjs, bulma, bootstrap, drf

Salary range: 1.500 - 3.000 EUR (depending on the experience)

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